Who edits the editors?


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In The Institute of Scientific and Technical Communicators magazine,
John Revington reviews the latest StyleWriter 4.

He finds ‘StyleWriter 4 has plenty to offer, even to the most experienced technical communicator. None of us knows it all, nor can we spot every mistake. To have a subeditor at your shoulder will undoubtedly improve the language quality of your document and bolster your confidence.’

‘The program helps you writing in straightforward English according to established language rules and conventions. This in turn helps your readers understand complex or technical documents more easily, and helps you meet the promise of being an effective technical communicator.’

‘It offers a structured, objective, yet flexible way to edit documents, as well as acting as a tutor, helping you learn about the complexities of our rich language.’

‘Having used StyleWriter on several thousand pages of business and technical documents, I realise I have I have come to rely on it, not just for its sharp ‘eye’ and consistent advice, but also as a tool to measure the value we, as technical communicators can add…’

‘If the idea of having an unbiased, ever-alert, and knowledgeable companion to help you improve your writing appeals to you, then StyleWriter 4 is definitely worth befriending.’

Communicator StyleWriter Review


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