Choose the StyleWriter that’s right for you

You can choose the Starter, Standard or Professional Edition of the program to suit your budget and your writing needs. The Starter Edition ($90) is a style and English usage checker – for those, such as students, on a budget who want a quick, streamlined but effective proofreading and editing tool. The Standard Edition ($150) adds advanced editing techniques, graphs writing style and allows extensive customization – designed for those wanting a powerful and adaptable program. The Professional Edition ($190) adds the unique Editor’s List that reviews word choice – designed for professional writers, journalists and editors.

Starter edition

Starter Edition

A cut-down StyleWriter that concentrates on plain English proofreading and editing without the more advanced features of the Standard and Professional editions.
Designed for those on a budget or those who want a simple but effective proofreading and editing software. Ideal for families, high-school students, college students and small-business owners.

Standard Edition

Standard Edition

Plain English proofreading and editing software with advanced readability statistics and graphs. The Standard edition allows full customization and records writing statistics for all documents checked.
Particularly popular in business and government and with other large employers, the Standard edition helps anyone write in a jargon-free, clear English style.

Professional Edition

Professional Edition

Popular with journalists and other professional writers, the Professional edition adds the unique Editor’s List to StyleWriter.
The Editor’s List reviews your word choice helping you gain greater insights into your writing style.
The Editor’s List lets you sort word lists alphabetically or by frequency, save word lists for research and analysis and find words in the word lists in your document.


(The StyleWriter’s benefits are explained in detail when you put your cursor over each feature.)

Editing Advice
Style Categories
Usage Categories
Jargon Categories
Long Sentences
High-Bog Sentences
Glue Sentences
User Added Categories
Pep Category
Word Count
Bog Index
Style Index
Average Sentence
Reading Grade
Passive Index
Statistics Summary
Statistical Archive
Sentence Graph
Sentence Distribution
Create Categories
Add and Delete Patterns
Review Patterns
Add to Spell-check
Editor’s List
Full Word Lists
Word Frequency Lists
Spelling Lists
Bog Lists
Wordy Lists
Jargon Lists
Pep Lists
User-Added Lists
Graded Lists
Trace in Text
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