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In more than 30 years of running face-to-face writing courses, I’ve seen nothing as effective as StyleWriter in delivering long-term writing improvement. No other editing software comes close.
– Plain Language Commission

If the idea of having an unbiased, ever-alert, and knowledgeable companion to help you improve your writing appeals to you, then StyleWriter 4 is definitely worth befriending. At first you may find the volume of advice is daunting, but you have many choices for how deeply you edit, and they are all under your control. You can even ignore its advice, if you think that’s wise. That flexibility alone makes a compelling reason to have this editing tool on your desktop.
– Institute of Scientific and Technical Communicators

StyleWriter acts as a professional editor and will be of use to anyone in business or government who needs to write reports, proposals or press releases. For writing punchy, effective text, look no further.
– Good Software Guide

I’d strongly recommend you look closely at the StyleWriter editing software. It transforms writing into clear, concise and readable style – a style lacking in most documents, including the federal government. This software is so much more useful than the grammar checker… I would not send out a document without using this software. I consider myself a good writer (don’t most of us?). However, I need Stylewriter to remind me when, in the pressure of the moment, I slip and make some style errors I had hoped were eliminated from my writing long ago.
– Annetta Cheek – US Government Adviser on Plain Language

Like having the Chicago Manual of Style at your fingertips. StyleWriter is undoubtedly useful for anyone who writes. It takes the hard slog out of editing and shows you stylistic faults you probably didn’t know you had.
– The Manual

StyleWriter especially impressed me in flagging only a handful of false errors that are common with grammar checkers. Its advice was intelligent, and it came across as a practical and effective aid to good clear writing.
– PC Plus Magazine

Using StyleWriter is a real eye-opener. It gives instant analysis and ratings for style, sentence length and passive verbs. My style was consistently rated poor until I started to follow the program’s advice. Now my writing is consistently good and occasionally the program rates it as excellent.
– Accountant Magazine

 Authors, Editors and Journalists

StyleWriter is the best writing tool since the word processor. Using this great program I became a great writer
– Tommy Styles – Short Story Author

I love StyleWriter 4. I am a life-long journalist who spent most of his career as an award-winning reporter on daily newspapers from California to Florida. I spent 14 years on the copy desk of one of America’s biggest dailies. StyleWriter gives me an extra set of eyes and offers a backup to my own editing. To be honest, I initially had qualms about recommending a software program that theoretically could take business away from me. But as I’ve used it, I see how dependent it is on interaction from the user. It guides you rather than does the editing for you. I should say, too, that I very much like your website on StyleWriter and the many videos that walk you through its use. All of them were very helpful. I also like the ease of using the program, its unobtrusiveness and its versatility. I am very impressed.
– David Nickell – Writer and Editor

I write novels and I have to tell you how thrilled I am with StyleWriter. I’ve recommended it to several writers, new and old, on Writer’s Digest. Thank you for a wonderful product!
– Candace Smith- Novelist

I am an African American writer based out of New York City. I always considered myself an effective writer, self-taught in the trade. Not until I came across your software did I realize how wrong I was in my assumption. StyleWriter revealed my weaknesses and shortcomings. When it comes to clear, concise and sharp writing, there is no better software. I knew when I downloaded your software I was getting something useful and proficient. Stylewriter helps me evaluate prose, sentence structure and syntax for snappy writing. Stylewriter is a user-friendly guide for the seasoned professional and for the beginner. I would highly recommend your software to other writers out there looking for an editorial software program without the deadline demands. I intend to use it as my own personal Bible on writing
– Stephen Joseph- Writer

Last year I completed writing a 500-page novel. My editor took some time to discover my book did not contain one passive sentence. She felt it made my book different, easier to read, and more interesting.
– Brian Dunkin – Novelist

I have had Stylewriter on my computer for years and it has never failed me. It is absolutely the best writing editor on the market.
– Stephen P. Byers – Author

Students and Academics

You would think that as a journalism instructor I would not need software to keep my writing simple and direct. I seldom write passively, but, alas, I have wandered into the murk of verbosity. StyleWriter delivered my comeuppance. In the beginning StyleWriter disheartened me, unmasking my waywardness. Then it became a tool, almost a friend. Now it is an opponent to defeat in advance. In short, StyleWriter has become a mentor, a teacher, and a friend. I recommend it to my students and fellow faculty members, and I am pondering requiring it for two upper division courses next year. Though I occasionally hesitate for a few seconds before loading StyleWriter, or loading my opponent’s weapon, I get three “excellent” grades before I start fixing the debris.
– Professor at University of Southern Indiana

I’m really impressed with StyleWriter. I bought it to help me with my studying with the Open University. The only ‘problem’ now is that before I would easily use up all the allowed ‘word count’ for answers to questions, now, with the program forcing me to cut out a lot of the waffle, I am coming in under the allowed number of words. The program is forcing me to cut out the waffle and say something useful. Waffling was easy, saying something useful is harder. The program is making me work harder. Oh to be back in the days of waffle – it was all so easy!
– Open University Student

I am finalising my Doctoral thesis and have become totally reliant on StyleWriter to present a cogent, professional looking document. Congratulations on a fine product.
– PhD Student

Thank you for not only the superb StyleWriter program, but also the excellent support. I am in my first year of college, and using this program has been the most educational tool so far. It was easy to install, and use. It changes the way I am writing papers, and the results are impressive.
– Student

Having StyleWriter in college could have made all my writing assignments a lot more rewarding if I had this tutoring assistant to challenge me. For the person who likes to decide, self-evaluate one’s efforts, improve communication skills, and depends on a professional coach to inspire more expertise, StyleWriter offers a lot. StyleWriter allows good writers to perfect their tool, challenging lifelong improvement to write with elegance and sophistication. In a non-judgmental way, StyleWriter reflects with knowledge one’s level as a writer and then points the way to write more simply, clearly and concretely. Even though I am a licensed educator of English and Language Arts, I find StyleWriter a helpful means to stay focused and polished. I really use StyleWriter; it’s the greatest tool!
– Educator – English and Language Arts

I am getting used to using StyleWriter, and it’s improved my writing considerably. The simple act of having to think about what StyleWriter picks up on is so important. I’ve tried several editors, found them wanting, and, once StyleWriter arrived, a waste of money. And, I’m just learning to use StyleWriter. I am trying to get my University to consider buying a site license for the programs you offer. Without qualification I could not recommend StyleWriter and the writing guides more highly and the excellent, good-natured technical support.
– University Lecturer – University of Carlton

Technical and Scientific Writers

I am a busy technical writer. Nothing leaves my desk before I analyse it with Stylewriter. Not one passive sentence leaves my desk. I find it interesting how many writers in this plain language forum are quick to defend passive voice, when there is no defence.
– Technical Author

I am addicted to Stylewriter. It is my secret weapon!
– Technical Writer

I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate the great customer service you give. At a time when most companies have forgotten what Customer Service is all about, I have received excellent service from you. Each time it has been necessary to contact you, the service was prompt, thorough, and clear. Having been a software tech support provider myself, I know that the only time you get feedback is when the customer is dissatisfied and I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your attention to your customers.
 – Technical Support Operator

I absolutely love this program. I have used StyleWriter in all my writing since the first trial I bought. I just keep getting better. It is awesome. The more you use it the easier it is and the better your own writing becomes. I really like that it doesn’t change your own style, but makes the text more succinct. This is enormously helpful when writing publications, courses and instructional material – which is my job. The last document I sent for editing had virtually no changes. Now, I would say I am a very good writer, but this program has helped me enormously.
– Technical Writer

I ran StyleWriter through my technical report. The redraft was 30 percent shorter, simpler and easier to read and understand. I’ll use StyleWriter on every document now.
– Technical Author

Lawyers, Engineers and Professionals

After two months using StyleWriter, I wish to congratulate you on this splendid and useful application. Worth every penny I paid for it.
– Engineer

Once I followed StyleWriter’s advice and switched passive verbs into active verbs, my writing became shorter, clearer and less ambiguous. StyleWriter’s advice on passive verbs alone is worth the price of the program.
– Government Administrator

I am delighted with your StyleWriter program. I am doing a doctoral program in Social Ethics. This program is most useful to me for writing the dissertation project. Now I can do the editorial work at my own pace with the writing. This program works like a teaching aid that helps me write better.
– Reverend Alexander M. Isaac

I am most impressed with StyleWriter. I started using StyleWriter 3 and it improved the quality and readability of reports and letters I prepare as a Consultant. I have just installed StyleWriter 4 and in my view it significantly advances the product – thank you.
– Civil Engineer

I must say that StyleWriter is fantastic. It’s almost an unfair advantage! It makes me look smarter than I really am.
– John Fueston

StyleWriter is such valuable tools for me; I sometimes wonder what I would do without it. I have become familiar with most of its facilities during the past years, but it is a trusted crutch on which I persistently rely.
– Alan Dennis

Who can tell if my business plan would have succeeded without editing with StyleWriter? All I know is everyone who read it said it made a refreshing change to read such a clear and well-presented document.
– Small Business Owner

Corporate Users

I work as a senior marketing manager at a Fortune 500 company. StyleWriter showed us we’re not very good – no we’re dreadful – at communicating with our customers. Since using StyleWriter, I’ve gained the skill of writing clearly. It’s like shining a searchlight through a sea of corporate fog.
– Marketing Executive

For me the best feature is adding to the program. I have dozens of preferred spellings, alternatives to industry jargon and words I want to avoid. Adding my advice to the program means I can check for all my editing issues in seconds.
– Newsletter Editor

I think StyleWriter a fantastic product. I have just issued a new health and safety manual that I checked and polished using StyleWriter. Staff and enforcement people are really impressed with it because it is so easy to understand and user-friendly.
– Health and Safety Manager

I have been writing for the federal government for over 20 years. For the last 10 or so, I have been the chair of a movement to get the government to communicate more clearly with citizens. We call our initiative plain language. I have been using StyleWriter for almost 10 years, and would not send out a document without using this software. I consider myself a good writer (don’t most of us?). However, I need StyleWriter to remind me when, in the pressure of the moment, I slip and make some style errors I had hoped were eliminated from my writing long ago. While it’s not intended as a training program, I believe StyleWriter provides training in the best possible way – while you are doing your work. Every time it tells me I have used a hidden verb or a redundant expression, it is teaching me by showing me the style faults in my own writing, close to the time I created the material. Since the “correction” can come so quickly on the heels of the behavior, the training is maximally effective.
– Annetta Cheek

I love my StyleWriter software. I’ve used it for two days and already see an improvement in my writing. As editor of our corporate newsletter, I looked for classes on editing and did not find any that were appropriate for me. Your software is perfect. I recommend it to anyone who is serious about improving their writing. Mary Lerner – Director, Corporate Communications

I use StyleWriter most days when updating documents, including procedures with wide-ranging audiences. It’s also great for the e-mails I send staff about changes to these documents. The readers notice the difference. Simpler, clearer and straight to the point are comments I get.
– Izzi Reynaud – Document Controller

Corporate Case Studies

software for writers StyleWriter 4 Case Study: Halifax Bank of Scotland
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software for writers StyleWriter 4 Case Study: Environmental Protection Agency
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software for writers StyleWriter 4 Case Study: Denton Wilde Sapte
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software for writers StyleWriter 4 Case Study: City of Los Angeles StyleWriter
Over 2,000 users use StyleWriter to improve public documents.

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