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StyleWriter’s unique and revolutionary proofreading and editing software works just like a professional, human editor. It proofreads, checks and advises you on your writing style based on your target audience and writing task.

The program proofreads a 10,000-word document in 12 seconds against a 200,000 graded word list and a 50,000-word and phrase style and usage checker. StyleWriter highlights:

  • Words you can change or cut to simplify your style so your reader effortlessly understands your message.
  • Long, complex and wordy sentences to help you trim the fat and write in a clear and concise style.
  • Passive and hidden verbs which make writing tedious, long-winded and ambiguous.
  • Questionable words such as spelling variants and errors that fool other proofreading tools.
  • Jargon such as abbreviations and acronyms, difficult, unusual and unknown words and abstract phrases that confuse and turn off readers.

StyleWriter then highlights problems, measures and rates the readability and writing style and offers editing advice and graphs to show you where and how you can improve your draft document. StyleWriter also finds and measures words and sentences that make the reader’s job easier and more enjoyable such as interesting verbs, nouns, names, conversational style, pronouns, direct questions and short sentences. StyleWriter offers you professional advice to improve your writing skills.

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Editing software explained Unique Jargon Buster™

StyleWriter uses its graded dictionary and several style categories to highlight jargon in your writing. StyleWriter is the only editing software to guarantee you write in a jargon-free style by highlighting:

The only editing software to guarantee you write in a jargon-free style:

  • Abbreviations and Acronyms
  • Jargon Phrases
  • Difficult Words
  • Unusual Words and Unknown Words
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software comparison Smart-Spell Software

StyleWriter’s standard spellchecker has 200,000 words. It checks every word in your text to see if it is on the list. If it is not, StyleWriter highlights the possible error and looks up the correct spelling in Microsoft Word’s spellchecker

However, conventional spell-checking technology often misses many contextual spelling errors. Here are some examples of ‘words’ accepted by Microsoft Word:

  • Which fag should we fly when the United Sates ambassador visits?
  • We need to meet to asses the new pubic laws ad regulations.

StyleWriter finds these errors. StyleWriter has a revolutionary Smart-Spell™ technology – a way of finding errors missed by conventional spell-checking software. The program knows each word’s frequency of use and the probability of it being an error even if spelled correctly. The program’s Questionable category is a filter on the main spellchecker word list highlighting words that often fool other software tools. The program’s other categories of Confused Words, Misused Words, Difficult Words, Unusual Words and Miscellaneous also find thousands of errors missed by conventional spellcheckers.

StyleWriter's New SmartSpell Technology

Advanced Writing Statistics

Standard readability formulas are simplistic and easily fooled. They only measure sentence length and word length – usually measured by the number of characters. So a conventional readability formula considers tomorrow and Wednesday as difficult words but- today and Monday as easy words. StyleWriter’s graded dictionary gives you much more accurate style and readability statistics.

StyleWriter solves this problem by using its graded dictionary and offers meaningful statistics and ratings you can use to become a better writer. When you edit with StyleWriter, you’ll discover that the program shortens sentences and improves word choice making your writing style clear and understandable.

StyleWriter has nine measures of your writing style.  The program automatically saves your statistics and ratings, both for your first draft and your edited document.

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  1. Total words – so you can see how much you shorten your document
  2. Average Sentence Length – an important readability measure
  3. Passive Index – a measure of a most common writing problem
  4. Style Index – a measure of clarity in documents
  5. Bog Index – an overall measure of clarity and readability
  6. Reading Grade – a more accurate standard measure of word readability
  7. Jargon – a measure of abstract and specialist writing word choice
  8. Glue – a measure of a wordy style
  9. Pep – a measure of good style
StyleWriter's Advanced Writing Statistics

Individual & Corporate Customization

StyleWriter is the only writing and editing software you can fully customize to your writing needs. Add, remove, ignore and make exceptions to editing advice. Add new categories or turn off existing categories to suit your writing needs. Organizations can computerize their existing house-style rules.

Check for your own style rules and proofreading issues:

  • Choose the issues to highlight
  • Add advice to StyleWriter
  • User-added capitalization check
  • Delete unwanted advice
  • Review changes made to StyleWriter
  • Add user-defined categories
  • Use our corporate house-style service
  • Select from American, British and Australian versions.

Organizations can also use StyleWriter with our Electronic Writing Course to train staff. StyleWriter, the plain-English editor, backs up the training by showing how to proofread and edit any document into a model of clear English. The Electronic House Style means guarantee employees write dates, product names, numbers and so on consistently.

StyleWriter's New SmartSpell Technology

audience_targeted_writing Audience Targeted Writing

Style, clarity and readability depend on both your writing task and your audience. Writing instructions for the public must be much easier to read than writing to a specialist audience with relevant expertise. Similarly, writing a good advertisement is different to writing a student essay.

StyleWriter lets you select from 20 writing tasks and three audience types. The program then adjusts its measure and other ratings to reflect the different task and audience selected.

StyleWriter's New SmartSpell Technology

Download our 14-day free StyleWriter trial. Use the three editions, Starter, Standard and Professional. Once you’ve chosen the edition you want, buy a license on this website. Compare each editions’ features. StyleWriter – don’t just proofread your document – edit it like a professional.


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