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Software for Writers- StyleWriter 4 Explained

Starter and Standard Editions
Professional Edition
Speed and Performance
Jargon Buster
Editing Sentences
Audience and Task
Editing Samples
House Style

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StyleWriter 4 – Introduction

The world’s largest style and usage checker. Software to make you a professional copy-editor.

StyleWriter 4 – Starter and Standard Editions

A StyleWriter edition to suit your budget and your writing needs.

StyleWriter 4 – Professional Edition

Add the unique Editor’s List feature to the Standard Edition.

StyleWriter 4 – Speed and Performance

The quickest and most comprehensive style checker available. Check 10,000 words in 12 seconds.

StyleWriter 4 – Smart-Spell™

Software smart enough to find thousands of errors missed by your spellchecker.

StyleWriter 4 – Jargon Buster™

Comprehensively checks any document for jargon. Banish corporate-speak from writing.

StyleWriter 4 – Editing Sentences

Unique checks analyze wordy, complex and long sentences to improve clarity and style.

StyleWriter 4 – Graphs

Essential editing information displayed. See your writing style at a glance.

StyleWriter 4 – Statistics

Revolutionary readability and style indexes accurately assess your writing.

StyleWriter 4 – Audience and Task

Advice and readability for different audiences and tasks. Fine-tune your editing to your specific needs.

StyleWriter 4 – Customizing

Add your own proofreading and style issues to the most versatile copy-editing software.

StyleWriter 4 – Editing Samples

Examples of StyleWriter editing different documents.

StyleWriter 4 – House Style

Using StyleWriter to check your organization’s house style preferences.

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