The Editor’s List – Designed to help you review your word choice


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Editor Software have created a tool for writers and editors to review documents in our StyleWriter 4 software and would like comments from writers and editors on how we can improve it.

The Editor’s List – Designed to help you review your word choice

The Editor’s List classifies every word in your document under eight lists.

You can sort the lists alphabetically or by frequency (useful for finding overused words). You
can also highlight words and use Trace in Text to find them in the document.

The Editors’ lists include:

Spelling – all unknown words in StyleWriter’s dictionary (a quick way to spellcheck long documents) and questionable words that fool conventional spelling checkers. Two other columns show unusual words and words you have added to the dictionary.

Bog – words that slow your reader down, including heavy words (avoid if you want to improve readability), style words (StyleWriter offers you alternatives) and specialist words for you to review.

Wordy – shows you passive verbs, hidden verbs and wordy phrases you can edit to save words. Editing with StyleWriter usually cuts the word count by up to 25 percent without loss of content or meaning.

Jargon – Shows you your acronyms, difficult words, and jargon phrases in your writing. A quick way to see if your writing contains jargon you can edit.

Pep – Words that add interest and style in your writing. Interest words consist of vivid verbs and specific nouns. Names list proper nouns used. Conversational words and phrases are a sign that you’re writing in a conversational style. A great list for professional writers such as journalists and authors.

All – Shows every word in the document. Glue words are the most common 200 words excluding personal pronouns (used by StyleWriter to find wordy sentences). The short list is every word in the document excluding the glue words – useful to see overused words in the document. Odds and ends show anything else you’ve written, such as numbers, email address and websites – a great way to see inconsistencies in how you write web addresses.

User – With StyleWriter you can add your own editorial checks to the program’s House Style category.

If you want to check that USA is U.S.A., you can tell the program that’s your house style. It will highlight USA wherever it finds it in the text and offer you the correct form. It’s as simple as using Find and Replace in Microsoft Word, but with StyleWriter you can add hundreds of these checks and search every document for your own house-style rules. You can also add your own category of issues. I have added Negative Words, which listed for me to review.

Graded – This shows you words from Easy, Mild, Moderate and Difficult. We use this classification of words in our readability formula to give an accurate assessment for reading difficulty for the whole document.

You can download the more descriptive PDF at: Editors List

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