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About StyleWriter – how writing simply helps your sales and profits.

Many years ago I was working as head of public relations for a government agency.  One day I offered to edit a manager’s report.  I used my editing and proofreading skills to take his government-speak and turn it into plain English.  The manager circulated the report and his colleagues praised the report for its lucid, clear style.  From then on I was inundated with request to edit managers’ work.

It was the start of a campaign to improve writing style in the agency.  We soon identified the core problem.  Managers all followed a corporate style of jargon and management-speak.  And because the managers used this convoluted style, their staff copied it as well.  We were in a spiralling downward circle into gobbledygook.

We tried courses, we tried mentoring, we tried everything.  Nothing produced long-term change.  People reverted to their old writing habits.  Then a junior public servant asked a simple question:  If the spell-check can fix our typos, why can’t software fix our writing style?  StyleWriter – the plain English editing style guide for Microsoft Word – became the solution that worked.

Now any writer, team, department or organization can use the StyleWriter solution and redraft any document into plain English.  It works on a simple principle.  It runs a sophisticated search and replace for over a million style issues.  For example, here’s an example of turning business-speak into clear English.

About Stylewriter plain English editing style guide for MS Word

As well as showing you how to write clearly and concisely, over the years we’ve developed the program to give you many benefits.

  • Your documents will say the same but be around 25 percent shorter.
  • Your word power and word knowledge will improve.
  • You can add dozens of style issues you want to check.
  • You can run style audits of teams or departments.
  • You will find thousands of errors and style issues missed by Microsoft Word.
  • You or your organization can develop and add your specific house style to StyleWriter.

The latest StyleWriter now checks your text for over a million issues.  It’s become the style guide for Microsoft Word users.

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