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  1. Noor Alaudin Abdul Wahab on


    I purchased the software about 4 years ago (Order#:BAB1002271914) (Invoice #: 10/020195). I need to reinstall the software to my new computer. Unfortunately the link that you attached to download the software via online is no longer exist/valid. Kindly assist. Thank you.

  2. Gina de Miranda on

    Hi, I am absolutely devastated by the reliance that people are placing on the Word grammar checker. I frequently have people come to me with the “evidence” that I did not check grammar properly and show me the little green lines on the damn MS Word checker. When I point out that the checker actually puts in errors (it loves the possessive when it is not called for), I have been poo-pooed.

    I have decades of writing and editing experience and test scores to prove that I know what I am doing as an editor. I’ve just had it with people who don’t know grammar and rely upon the Word checker. Thanks for this site!

  3. Suzette Logan on

    I am curios to know if your software was used when the Affordable Care Act was written. If it was not do you believe it could have alleviated the issues concerning language intention and use?

    The U.S Supreme courts recent decent I believe was concluded by misinterpretation of language in context (use), for its natural intent. It seems to me that for all the decree, orders, launched, or signed that these are the vary instruments manipulated with the appearance of clarity.