How to Write an Essay


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How to write an essay explained by Software for Writers

How to write an essay explained by Software for Writers

We’ve written this guide for students and researchers to improve writing standards. The guide explains how to research, organize, write and edit your next essay or research paper.

Researching your essay means collecting, reading and researching the most relevant sources of material. Once you have gathered your material, you need to select the most relevant to answer your specific essay question.  With well-researched information, you can now organize it for the readers benefit. To help the reader, you need to avoid the typical, long-winded abstract or introduction typically found in most academic writing.  You should start with the key findings first and then develop your arguments with supporting evidence.

The most difficult part of this guide to follow is to write in a clear, concise and readable style. Good writers use short sentences, active verbs, specific information and a natural language. They cut out every redundant word and replace complex words with simpler words to produce a clear, concise and readable document.  Most academic writing fails to follow this advice.

We recommend you use StyleWriter, our copy-editing software, to show you how to edit your essay or research paper into a clear, concise and readable style. The program measures your writing style, shows you where and how to edit each sentence into a clear style.

We recommend you use the free, 14-day trial available at our Editor Software website to review essays you’ve already written and your next essay. Using StyleWriter to edit your essays will highlight your poor writing habits and show you how to write in the clearest style.  If you want to continue using StyleWriter to edit your essays or research papers, contact us for details of educational discounts for individuals and campus-wide licenses.

Software for writers- StyleWriter 4 logoSoftware for writers- download our 14-day free StyleWriter trial. Use the three editions, Starter, Standard and Professional. Once you’ve chosen the edition you want, buy a license on this website.

StyleWriter – don’t just proofread your document – edit it like a professional.

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