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Punctuation tips – when to use capital letters in writing by Software for Writers

Punctuation tips - when to use Capital Letters in writing by Software for Writers

There are two main uses of capital letters in writing:

  • at the beginning of sentences
  • for proper nouns and proper adjectives

Do not use capital letters unnecessarily or just for emphasis.

Use capital letters:

To begin a sentence or quotation

For names and titles of people, institutions or organisations
Mary Brown, the Treasurer, the Pope, North Primary School, General Motors

For nationalities and ethnic or racial descriptions
English French Indian Australian

For names of places or countries
New York           the French Alps               Tasmania

For the full and shortened names of government agencies and institutions
Library of Congress              Dept. of the Environment

For political parties, religions or formal factions
The Liberal Party lost the election.
Many Christians support nuclear disarmament.
The Right will gain control of the assembly.

In titles or headings
A Report on Sales in the Manufacturing Industry
Note: Do not give capitals to words such as “a”, “and”, “the” and short prepositions (fewer than four letters) unless they begin the title.

For days, months, feasts, ceremonies
Monday        February             Thanksgiving           Ramadan

For forms of address
Sir Peter Rev. Smith Ms Brown

For abbreviated points of the compass and regional terms
NE        SW          Eastern Europe           the East

For abbreviations and acronyms
M.P.         UNESCO          USA

For historical events, periods and battles
the Cold War             neo-Classical            the First World War

When “I” or “O” are used as single words
When I arrive, you can leave.

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