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Style Guide – when to use words or numbers by Software for Writers

Style Guide - when to use words or numbers by Software for Writers

As a general rule, spell out in words numbers up to ninety-nine when used in text.  When you have to refer to numbers repeatedly, such as in statistical reports, it is simpler and preferable to use figures.

The following advice will help you be consistent when using numbers.

Spell out numbers in letters:

Numbers up to ninety-nine when used in text

There were twenty-five cars in the queue.

Round or indefinite numbers

She was in her twenties.

Between three and four hundred people attended.

Numbers at the beginning or end of a sentence

Fifteen people attended the meeting.

He died at the age of forty.

Fractions in text

Only one-third arrived on time.

Ordinal numbers in text (1st.  2nd.  3rd…)

The first agenda item is the monthly budget.

The time of day unless A.M. or P.M. is used

We met at four o’clock.

The meeting was at 4 p.m.

When to use figures not words for numbers:

Before any abbreviation of units of time or measurement

20 mph     6 pm   3gm

With decimals or exact sums of money

The firm’s costs were 2.45 times the average for the industry.

The ticket cost $15.

In technical and statistical writing

In the test 3.5 grams of powder passed through the 3 filters.

The runners averaged 2.34 minutes over the course.

In sentences containing large and small numbers

There were 7 women, 42 men and 122 children present.

In addresses, and page references

25 Barnett Street

Pages 224-229 refer

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