How to use Apostrophes – Punctuation Tips


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How to use Apostrophes – Punctuation Tips by Software for Writers.

The apostrophe has two main uses: to show ownership or possession and to show letters or words omitted.

Use an apostrophe:
To show ownership or possession of nouns
The dog’s bone             One dog owns one bone.
The dog’s bones            One dog owns several bones.
The dogs’ bone             Several dogs own one bone.
The dogs’ bones            Several dogs own several bones.

To show letters or numbers omitted
don’t,     you’re,     class of ’55

The possessive form of it is an exception and doesn’t take an apostrophe.
The dog ate its bone.

To show joint ownership, add ‘s to the last word only
Dave and Joan’s house

Do not use an apostrophe with personal pronouns
hers   theirs   yours   its

Do not use an apostrophe when the noun describes rather than shows ownership
Wrong:              Teachers’ College
Right:                 Teachers College
(The college trains teachers; the teachers do not own it.)

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How to use Apostrophes - Punctuation Tips by Software for Writers
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