Confused Words: Their, There and They’re by Software for Writers


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Confusing Their, There and They’re is a common mistake. Software for Writers explains what you need to know.

Their and there sound the same in English, but knowing which to use when is important. Occasionally you might also write they’re which also sounds the same.

Confused Words - Their, There and They’re by Software for Writers

Their is possessive and means ‘belonging to them’.

· My grandparents sold their house.

· David and Sam saw their sister on stage.

There is a pronoun and an adverb and refers to a place or places.

· Put it over there.

· I will see you there.

They’re is a contraction of ‘they are’.

· They’re going to the cinema.

· Make sure they’re up to date.

How StyleWriter Helps

StyleWriter flags any use of their, there and they’re in your text so you can check you are always using the correct word.

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